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The Man
Black as the liquid night,
Pitiless and star-deprived,
Dripping down that winter sky
As if to swallow him,
Silhouette and all.
The only light left glisters in his hair,
While night slides
Oil-slick, treacle-thick arms
Languorously and lovingly
About the neck of this statue of a man...
Now his eyes are vanishing.
His lips twitch.
His finger on the trigger starts to itch.
:iconjiali:JiaLi 1 2
O Fortune let me be the firebrand
All blue and red, with blood upon my hair
My legacy is the earth on which I stand
A battle-cry will be my morning prayer
O God don’t bend me to another’s hand
The virgin saint, with snow upon her hair
Is dying for a dream of some promised land
And men paint pretty pictures of despair
:iconjiali:JiaLi 1 1
I have a love
More lovely than I've ever known
And I will die
Before he'll ever be mine own
But he is kind
And kindness seems more rare to me
My loving heart  
He handles it so carefully!
:iconjiali:JiaLi 0 0
The Lark
O lark above my willow tree
Is suffering unknown to thee?
You sing a song of foreign shores
You beat upon these iron doors
I cannot help but smile, you know
The winter siege was cruel, but lo!
With candle held aloft you came
To warm the cheek of your old flame
Peeling back the years, and one
My tangled thoughts are all undone
Turning o'er the page, and two
The eggshell cracks: cuckoo! cuckoo!
Counting down the days, and three
I cannot help but smile, you see
O lark above my willow tree
Such suffering is known to me
I'll open wide these iron doors
And sing of far-flung foreign shores
:iconjiali:JiaLi 0 0
My blood is a kaleidoscope
See, it bruises yellow, blue and green
I can be any colour of the spectrum
All the spices of an Indian bazaar
When light shines, this skin becomes a prism
For you to peer through, paint new
Rewrite my veins in henna
Twist your story round these hands
I can be the memory of who you were
In the far-off, fractured Indian bazaar
When light fades, this world is dyed crimson
Our blood, our air, our hennaed hands
Passion flowers all abloom
In two weeks the kaleidoscope will turn
And I'll have washed your bruise away
:iconjiali:JiaLi 0 0
l'ete et la lune
The Moon tonight
So round, so bright!
Why sleep when blessed with such delight?
I'll hang it on my window pane
And swear to never blink again!
:iconjiali:JiaLi 1 0
Nasake by JiaLi Nasake :iconjiali:JiaLi 1 0 Where the Chartered Thames Does Flow by JiaLi Where the Chartered Thames Does Flow :iconjiali:JiaLi 2 0
Sweet Things
The girl on the platform
That foreign flower
She's eating strawberries
At the twilight hour
Tomorrow she'll be there
With honey and bread
Then stroll out of memory
And turn every head
:iconjiali:JiaLi 4 1
Scattering dead leaves
The wind roars without answer
In Hiroshima
:iconjiali:JiaLi 0 1
It Will Always Be You
He is the sum of all the summers of this world
He is the Moon in all its phases, the push and pull
He lives embedded in my brain stem, tightly curled
He floods my dreams like water till I'm full
He is the thread not yet unraveled by the hands of time
He is the one who waits, still overlooking my abyss
Forever young and lovely as the moment he was mine
His red mouth is a wound that I'll never kiss
:iconjiali:JiaLi 1 2
Little bear in the northern sky
Wish I could be like you and hibernate
Under the covers it's warm and dry
In the cold air I might just suffocate
Why watch disconsolate days drag by
When nights without rest or relief await?
Coffined beneath the snow I'd lie
And unfading dreams of spring create
:iconjiali:JiaLi 2 0
Mono no Aware
Blood shall feed the roots
That grow deep inside my flesh
Longing to bloom bright
Soon the flowers die
Let them fall, for I am safe
Locked in loving arms
:iconjiali:JiaLi 0 0
Song For My Rose
There is a rose which bears my name
And it is called ‘Perpetual’
Shrugging off the bitter wind and rain
Unfurling layers, dark and beautiful
Shelter in each a little white heart
And they say its fragrance is beyond compare
Blushing in the shady beds of East and West
All summer long they’ll stop and stare
While gluttonous roots may starve the rest
Ever skywards shall it grow apart
Queen of blooms, a splendid individual
And thornless as to spare the lovers pain
My rose is called ‘Perpetual’
Alas that Sophie cannot be the same
:iconjiali:JiaLi 1 0
A Kappa Named Cucumber
I was once friends with a kappa named Cucumber.
We met on a Saturday. It had rained Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!
Come Saturday it was still raining, so I put on my yellow boots and jacket; and I took an umbrella, a bucket, and some cucumber sandwiches; and went down the lane to collect frogspawn.
Along the way I splashed through every puddle, but thanks to the yellow boots my feet stayed nice and dry.
When I got to the pond, I saw something floating on the water. It had big green eyes, so I thought it was a frog. But as I came closer it suddenly spoke!
“I know it well, that human smell.”
It wasn't a frog at all… it was a little girl! She was standing in the pond and looking at me with her huge, round eyes, green as green. She had long, red hair and a lily pad on top of her head.
“If you don’t get out of the rain, you’ll catch cold” I told her, and I offered her my umbrella. But the girl shook her head.
“Underwater it&
:iconjiali:JiaLi 19 48
Shadow Games
When I feel it’s safe to taunt
And you don’t know what I want
Will you still act nonchalant?
When I love you on the sly
Though it’s easier to lie
Will you think I'm worth a try?
When the stars come out to shine
If our eyes should intertwine
Will you dream of being mine?
When we’re caught in pouring rain
And it starts to ease the pain
Would you play with fire again?
When I turn up at your door
But you've heard it all before
Could we hope for nothing more?
When the summer flies too fast
If the time for love has passed
May we say 'goodbye' at last
:iconjiali:JiaLi 0 0


Erendira by UschuLLa Erendira :iconuschulla:UschuLLa 37 11 Nightmare by nina-Y Nightmare :iconnina-y:nina-Y 114 10 Inspiration by MAYA-13 Inspiration :iconmaya-13:MAYA-13 259 14 Teapots by JuliaNikitina Teapots :iconjulianikitina:JuliaNikitina 172 9 Trypophobia II by SunTurnsIntoWater Trypophobia II :iconsunturnsintowater:SunTurnsIntoWater 159 5 Folk tale by flycatcher263 Folk tale :iconflycatcher263:flycatcher263 200 11 The Spirit of the Night by Kaos-Nest The Spirit of the Night :iconkaos-nest:Kaos-Nest 574 35 Final Destination by MatthewSellers Final Destination :iconmatthewsellers:MatthewSellers 1,934 125 cmd by tuyetdinhsinhvat cmd :icontuyetdinhsinhvat:tuyetdinhsinhvat 1,116 30 Bonne Etoile by Katari-Katarina Bonne Etoile :iconkatari-katarina:Katari-Katarina 3,323 87 The Storm. by Claudia-SG The Storm. :iconclaudia-sg:Claudia-SG 2,628 157 Nyx, Goddess of Night by Yoann-Lossel Nyx, Goddess of Night :iconyoann-lossel:Yoann-Lossel 287 11 Afternoon tea by 86hrhr Afternoon tea :icon86hrhr:86hrhr 884 48 Abdita Vestigia by MarcelaBolivar Abdita Vestigia :iconmarcelabolivar:MarcelaBolivar 546 32 Blackqueen by Miss-Etoile Blackqueen :iconmiss-etoile:Miss-Etoile 414 30 Mufurong by Khuna128 Mufurong :iconkhuna128:Khuna128 153 18


Black as the liquid night,
Pitiless and star-deprived,
Dripping down that winter sky
As if to swallow him,
Silhouette and all.
The only light left glisters in his hair,
While night slides
Oil-slick, treacle-thick arms
Languorously and lovingly
About the neck of this statue of a man...
Now his eyes are vanishing.
His lips twitch.
His finger on the trigger starts to itch.
The Man
I love him. And I shouldn't. 


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